Online Banking Scams

Online banking is now a service we all use on a daily basis, and that means that scammers have adapted their line of attack and now know precisely how to lure you into believing you are interacting with a legitimate resource.

Sometimes the level of scam in this area are very advanced, and it’s an avenue of financial fraud that is becoming more and more common.

If you’ve lost money via online banking scams, then we can certainly help you, as we’ve done many others. We know the tricks used by scammers in this area, and that helps us in our pursuit and confrontation with those who have conducted the scam. Feel free to get in contact with us, and we’ll outline our plan of action, and you can then choose to move onwards with the process, all after a free consultation.

Our Services

Binary Options Scam Recovery

Binary options are considered a field that is rife with scams, and it's certainly an area that scammers thrive. Our team has extensive knowledge of how they operate and is therefore very successful in retrieving funds lost in the area.

Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

Stocks trading has long been an industry where fraud has taken place, and the online trading space is a market that scammers frequently use to dupe and con traders. There are dozens of scams used by these individuals and groups, and our team knows them well enough to be able to retrieve your stolen funds.

Forex Scam

Forex has become synonymous with scams, which is a little unfair. However, it's fair to say the market is riddled with corruption and illegality. Most victims in this area are approached by dishonest brokers, and if you've lost money via a Forex scam, we can certainly assist you.

Stock Trading Scam Recovery

Crypto transactions and activity are growing rapidly, and scammers are learning new ways to steal your funds every day. Our team is very much ahead of the curve when it comes to fraud in the cryptocurrency field, and that's why we can confidently state we can get your money back.

Online Banking Scam Recovery

As banking online becomes more prevalent and second nature, we have become less vigilant to sophisticated scams in this arena. Sometimes all it takes is very basic banking details to lead to your account being cleaned out. If you have been the victim of a scam in the online banking sector, we'll work with you to get your money back.

Nigerian Scam

The modern scams in the 'Nigerian' field are far more subtle than earlier forms which usually revolved around an unsolicited email from an individual promising you a big return on an initial sum of money. This area of online fraud has been making a marked return in recent months and if you've lost money to such a scam, contact us immediately.

Our Benefits

Success Rate

We are the leaders in our field when it comes to our success rate, with a high percentage of our customers securing a full or at least a partial retrieval of funds.

Experienced Operators

As a service that's worked in the field for nearly two decades, we have the experience to know how to confront scammers and to effectively work on behalf of our clients, regardless of the complexity of the case.


We use the latest tools and technology to help us access key information, and this helps us track down the relevant individuals and groups responsible for the scam you have suffered. This, in turn, plays a crucial part in our long-running achievements in the field.


Worldwide Recovery is known to be among the foremost providers of online financial fraud recovery, and the stellar reputation we've secured comes mainly to the level of satisfaction among our customers, and this is what drives us to succeed and improve further.


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