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    Worldwide Recovery: Financial Fraud Recovery Specialists

    Our team is vastly experienced in the field of fraud recovery, and we know how to best go about getting your money back. We've helped thousands of customers and know how the scammers operate; this is why our success rate is second to none.

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    Have you lost money via an online financial scam? Worldwide Recovery is Here to Help!

    Binary Options Scam Recovery

    Binary options are considered a field that is rife with scams, and it's certainly an area that scammers thrive. Our team has extensive knowledge of how they operate and is therefore very successful in retrieving funds lost in the area.

    Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery

    Stocks trading has long been an industry where fraud has taken place, and the online trading space is a market that scammers frequently use to dupe and con traders. There are dozens of scams used by these individuals and groups, and our team knows them well enough to be able to retrieve your stolen funds.

    Forex Scam

    Forex has become synonymous with scams, which is a little unfair. However, it's fair to say the market is riddled with corruption and illegality. Most victims in this area are approached by dishonest brokers, and if you've lost money via a Forex scam, we can certainly assist you.

    Stock Trading Scam Recovery

    Crypto transactions and activity are growing rapidly, and scammers are learning new ways to steal your funds every day. Our team is very much ahead of the curve when it comes to fraud in the cryptocurrency field, and that's why we can confidently state we can get your money back.

    Online Banking Scam Recovery

    As banking online becomes more prevalent and second nature, we have become less vigilant to sophisticated scams in this arena. Sometimes all it takes is very basic banking details to lead to your account being cleaned out. If you have been the victim of a scam in the online banking sector, we'll work with you to get your money back.

    Nigerian Scam

    The modern scams in the 'Nigerian' field are far more subtle than earlier forms which usually revolved around an unsolicited email from an individual promising you a big return on an initial sum of money. This area of online fraud has been making a marked return in recent months and if you've lost money to such a scam, contact us immediately.

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    How wordwide recovery works

    The Steps We Take to Get Your Money Back

    Assessing Your Case

    First, we start with a free consultation, during which our team considers the details of the scam that you were a victim of. The more you can provide in this regard, the better placed we are to consider your case.

    Gathering Evidence

    We then analyze the evidence accumulated, and from this point, we can make a decision as to whether we deem your case as one we can effectively take. With the right information, we can better assess the likelihood of a successful resolution of your case.

    Confronting the Scammers

    When we are confident you have a good case, we then go to work by confronting the scammers as well as the means they have used to steal your funds. As this is something we've undertaken on thousands of occasions, it's a route we are more than capable of overcoming.

    Getting Your Money Back

    We have the latest tools and technology to help us get your money back, and our success rate is among the highest in the industry. This is due to our experience in the field but also down to the fact that we don't take cases that we don't think are winnable. Therefore if your case has got to this stage, you can be confident that the funds that you lost will be returned to you, either entirely or at least partially.

    Testimonials from Worldwide Recovery Customers

    Clients We've Helped to Retrieve Stolen Funds

    My experience of online scamming took seconds and cost me thousands. I was fooled by a YouTube video that convinced me that I could make a killing in Crypto, and the minute I clicked the link and deposited funds, I knew something was up, but it was too late. I worked with Worldwide Recovery, and they were so helpful and supportive, and in the end, it took a few weeks, I got almost all of the money back.

    Kieren Wong

    Before I was scammed, I thought those who fell for them were fools, but when I lost $10k in a binary options scam, I didn't even know it had happened until weeks later. The site and services I used seemed so genuine, and everything felt legit, but when they stopped answering my emails and messages, that's when I knew something was up. I was going to accept defeat until a friend advised me to contact Worldwide Recovery, and they were incredibly helpful and worked hard to get all my money back. I'd highly recommend them to anyone.

    Toni Richard

    It took less than two clicks on my phone for scammers to raid my bank account. I followed a link in a phone message that I thought was from my bank, this led to a screen that seemed right, and I had no idea it was a scam until I logged into my bank and saw the funds that had left it. My bank couldn't help, and that's when I contacted Worldwide Recovery, and they worked swiftly to firstly prevent further money from leaving my account and then getting back almost all the money I lost. The whole process was smooth, and they even gave me some tips as to how to avoid such scams in the future.

    Krzysztof Pugh

    I consider myself to be pretty clued up when it comes to crypto, but on one occasion, I got greedy and fell too easily for what now looks so obviously a scam. Within a matter of moments, I'd lost a great deal of my portfolio, which at the time was worth in excess of $15k. I tried to get my money back, but my efforts hit a brick wall, so I followed a friend's advice and contacted Worldwide Recovery, and they were successful in securing me a partial recovery of around 70% of my funds, and I consider this as a lesson learned.

    Glenn Berry
    Why Choose Us?

    If you've lost money to a financial scammer, regardless of how much or how little that was stolen, contact us now, and we'll help you get it back, and it all starts via a no-commitment free consultation.


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